Watching Porn with Apple iPad

It can not be denied that porn is one of the most sought after products today. Thousands and even millions of images and porn videos are downloaded every day. In line with this fact, porn industry known agile enough to follow the development of technology. To deliver pornographic content, they take advantage of the latest gadgets and Apple iPad which is planned to be marketed soon would not miss as their target.

Digital Playground, one of the principal class snapper porn industries, announced providing special content for the iPad. Claimed, that content will be optimized for user satisfaction iPad.

As reported by TechRadar, Tuesday (2/2/2010), the content offered, including high-definition video streaming.

Farley Cahen, Vice President of Digital Playground claimed that as a world leader in high-definition video production, Digital Playground is triggered to provide high-quality movies in all platforms including the iPad.
With a wider screen, Cahen rate that porn content fans will be more satisfied using iPad than iPhone or iPod. Untill the date, no coment or confirmation from Apple due to the iPad pornography.

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9 Reasons Why Choosing Apple Tablet

Apple Tablet named iSlate that reportedly announced on January 27 few days later, would seem to be hits. An advanced gadget which. The advanced gadget that is designed by Steve Jacob and friends is predicted will be exploded in the market. You want to know why? Below are the 9 reasons why Apple Tablet will be the first choice gadget lovers.
1. OLED Display
A smooth appearance to captivate all who see it. Even the screen is rumored Apple tablet capable of displaying HD quality video (high definition).

2. E-book Reader
Rather than buying only an e-book reader, users will be more comfortable to have this special e-book reader because we can use also for other advantages. That is why Apple also has the potential to devour the market e-book reader.

3. Connectivity
Apple Tablet will be supported by Wifi connection and 3G networks. The possibility of this device would be an alternative choice netbook users.

4. Camera
Rumors of this device will have a camera with two sides, which is very convenient when used for iChat application.

5. Multi-Touch
Multi-touch features will complement the Apple Tablet. Looks like fun going to browse your iTunes with this feature. Very attractive.

6. Multi-tasking
This feature is also a potential capture feature netbook market. With thin size, the performance of the Apple Tablet reportedly even more qualified than ordinary portable computer.

7. Battery
Apple has reportedly buried a quality battery that can rival the performance of the average netbook current resistance. This device reportedly able to survive two hours to run a game or HD movie.

8. Applications
Apple Tablet has applications that are sold on the AppStore, like a giant iPod Touch. Maybe if there is market demand, AppStore will provide a special application for the Apple Tablet.

9. Price
Until now there has been no certainty about the price. However, based on writings of techblog, this device he said would sell for U.S. $ 1000, or around 9 million rupiahs.
What do you think now? If you excited to have one, spend your money and collect to buy because the product is released soon.

Source: www.detikInet.com

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